….The submission procedure …. Before you send your resume PLEASE read below and follow these guidelines…

In the subject line of your  email is left open and there is no subject  or has the word  RESUME only is in it, we will delete it without even opening your resume,  because  we can not tell if it is spam or not.


A.)  When e-mailing your resume, in the subject line please put your name, your state, your title, major products you currently sell or work in sales or  plant operations the amount you currently earn  base salary or if unemployed what you made in your most recent employment and the  date you send in the resume.   N = North  E = East  S = South   W = West

For Example in the subject line:   John Doe, NY, Sales, films, foam, $85K, Y will relocate N or S., 06/30/2018 please use the current date.
 Tom Doe, IL, Plant Mgr, plastic containers, $108K,  no relocation 6/30/2017 please use the current date.   On all  relocations we use a salary calculator program,  so you do not lose money in a relocation your response gives us a guideline of what you want.

B.) YOUR Cover letter  – please do not send us the flowery version because we  really do not read it, however, here’s what we do read in a cover letter:

1. Your current income you are receiving now, or if you are currently unemployed your last salary.
2. Your Income Expectations in the new assignment
3. Your Location Choices.  Those specific areas you would move to only.

4. A list of your Accomplishments – when writing your accomplishments, explain them with details such as how you
increased sales, created new methods to improve production,  and how you got the promotion.

5. Relocation preferences – before agreeing with anything, make sure that you and your family will be happy with the place of residence assigned by the company, compensation, benefits, amount of travel. If you are not able or willing to relocate, please let us know as well. We don’t need the reasons
because they are generally the spouses job, the kids are in HS sports, or older parents.

6. References – We  need  past  employers –   2 or  3  supervisors – last  2 or 3  positions. We  need  2 or  3  past customers if in sales.
If in manufacturing – we need  2 or 3 peers or subordinates.

7. Your home cell phone would be helpful – or it could be your spouse’s cell phone if you only have a business cell phone, as well in the event you move we can generally keep in contact with you should you accept a job prior to MH Executive Search Group placing you with a new employer. Please note we will not call you unless we can not reach you on the phone number stated on your resume, and this number will not be republished or sold to anyone as we respect your confidentiality, this is a just in case you would like to hear about a new assignment once the current assignment we called you about is complete.

Companies  we represent:   We represent companies  involved in the manufacture or the conversion of packaging including but  not limited
to flexographic or digital printing on packaging materials, plastics and paper substrates.  Visit our other sites for interesting features coming soon.
www.flexopackagingjobs.com     www.mhgroup.info  and  www.mhgroup.mobi


SUBMISSION  OF  RESUME We will accept your resume as an ATTACHMENT in a Word document program like WORD,  or as an RTF document.
If your resume  appears  to  be  qualified, for a position now, or in the future we may contact you about  additional information. We need this
because our clients often  request the additional information from us concerning your background.

 Send resume to: mike2010 AT MHGROUP.COM replace AT with @  or visit our contact page.



Also note:  if  we detect inaccurate information or inconsistencies concerning  your  employment history and dates, we reserve the right to delete your resume. ONLY CANDIDATES WHOSE RECENT EXPERIENCE AS IT RELATES TO PACKAGING, DIGITAL AND OR FLEXOGRAPHIC PRINTING ON PACKAGING MATERIALS  WILL BE CONSIDERED.    We also reserve  the  right to  feature  your background in a  very blinded  fashion on our  website to  increase  awareness of  your talents and  abilities  to our clients.  If you prefer that  we  don’t,  please  let us know via  email.


PLEASE NOTE: that by sending us an inquiry or a resume you are opting into complete compliance with federal law S.877 which covers receiving information from our firm. If after you have sent us an inquiry or a resume and you decide that you do not want to receive occasional information or newsletter information from us – please send an email with your name, address, phone and email address to us,  otherwise, we have your expressed permission to occasionally contact you about packaging or flexographic matters, assignments or employment by email or the telephone. PLEASE ALSO NOTE: We do not sell, rent or give out any email addresses, however, since all firms’ online must now comply with federal law S. 877 and this is your written notice that we are complying with this Act S. 877, which went into effect on January 1, 2004.

MH Executive Search Group refers candidates based solely upon their qualifications for the position in question, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, age, sex, disability or in any other manner which is prohibited by any applicable federal, state or local law within the U.S.A. 

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