We recruit all positions by going out to the market and calling your competitors one call at a time, to find talent  for our client companies, in accordance to their specifications.

♦    We work in sales, marketing, sales management, ,and executive level positions.  
   Most candidates are passive meaning  they currently have a career and are not necessarily looking for a new job or employer,  but may listen to opportunities to advance.  
♦  In today’s  competitive recruiting world  it generally  takes contact with 21 to 45 fresh passive recruits to produce 3 to 5   interested and motivated individuals to become viable candidates . 


•  We realize it’s a competitive marketplace for sales talent, so we want to make this process easy, to choose our firm for your search.
•  Our search fees come in two parts –  The research portion  and  the balance our placement fee at the end.
•  The research portion  this is where we go into the marketplace and recruit 21 to 45 individuals to find  3 to 7 great candidates for your firm.
•  The funds we collect at the beginning go to paying our researchers to call into your competitors and similar business entities.
•  The researchers forward the candidates to us,  and  the selection process begins. 
•  We  look at the individuals who were found and select the best candidates who closely meet your specifications and parameters.
•  Next we start the meeting process and you will meet the candidates to decide if  personality and temperament wise they are a match.
•   You decide who or whom you want to bring into your office or plant for  first or second round meetings, and third round final meetings.

•  Upon making your finalist selections,  we will  conduct business reference checks of  the top two finalists.
•  Your firm will prepare your offers for the two finalists.
•  We will present your offer to your  first choice and get a  written acceptance of your offer and  determine a starting date of employment.
•  We will take the finalist through the separation process with his current firm,  to insure a smooth transition.


♦  Full Search requires 20 to 36 hours to research new recruits and candidates $5,000 to begin this search @ 24%  total fee of the first year’s income.
♦  At the close the $5,000 will be deducted from the balance due and the balance of the search is owed.  Terms are available.
Additional Notes:⇒  At all levels the commencement fee is deducted from the total fee at the close of the assignment.

⇒ The commencement fee is considered earned income upon the first meeting of the candidates for your position.
⇒ All service levels carry a 60 business day guarantee on the candidate, that’s 12 business weeks excluding holidays.
⇒ At holidays like Christmas and New Year’s business days preceding and proceeding  these holidays 3 days are not counted in the guarantee period.

Payment within terms on the close, receives a bonus 10 days or 2 business weeks tacked onto the stated guarantee, on any option selected.

♦  If and or when we exhaust the research fee time, we may fill in with previously referred candidates within our data base otherwise they will be new, fresh candidates.

For more information  on these arrangements – call  us 727-460-7291,  we will discuss it all, and answer your questions. If you get our voice mail,  please leave your name and phone number and company affiliation twice, and we will return your call on a timely basis.


   We recruit all positions for and to client companies specifications,  in these searches.
♦    We look at mostly passive candidates, some active ones with great track records of success.

♦    We work, executive level positions with salaries over $240,000 on this type of search.
♦    We offer the best  replacement on executive level positions with compensation exceeding $240,000 positions taken on a Flat Fee Retained basis.

PRICING:  Reserved for salaries exceeding $240,000 – we will custom design a flat fee based on the  executive position you want to place with us to recruit.
♦  If the salary goes above the agreed upon price – you win,  any extra revenue which we might have charged you based on the salary offered, stays flat.
♦  This  search requires a deposit to start the search.   Ask  us for  the details.

WE  DO NOT OVERBOOK OUR TIME – to serve our client companies  properly, we limit searches conducted during any given quarter. 

Inherent of all searches we conduct:

We  do  not warranty or guarantee any sales results, or production achievements results on any type of search.
♦  We do not and can not  manage  employees directives, once they join your firm, , thus we can not offer this guarantee on sales or production results, within our services.
♦ We search for  candidates  whose salaries  range on the low side from $70,000 to $250,000+  in general. 

Our replacement guarantee  for a defined period, should a candidate leave your employment of his own volition,  or if  he/she gets into a car accident

or has a dire medical condition during the warranty period where they are incapacitated and unable to perform the position’s duties, we offer a one free replacement candidate, per one paid candidate fee on the SHARED RISK ENGAGEMENT FEE and  the FLAT FEE  RETAINED  RECRUITING SEARCH.  These are  a client company’s only remedy. 

•  It is understood, that  if and when we make a  FREE  replacement, we do not re-warranty the FREE  REPLACEMENT.

•  A warranty for a  FREE  REPLACEMENT is available at an additional cost, covering the days of the original policy previously in place.
Exclusions: this  guarantee does not apply to terminated candidates by your firm, due to a lay off, merger or closure  or non performance within your company
We  do not warranty any candidate hired future results  or sales of any candidate hired.