What to Expect

MH Executive Search Group, it’s our goal is to locate and recruit qualified candidates in an expedient manner. We are a boutique recruiting  firm meaning we work with client companies to determine which ideas and ideals works best with our clientele.  Our clients are often small to medium sized privately held employers.  We are dedicated to close on talented individuals  who are not always active on the employment marketplace.  Each and every recruiting assignment is new with new nuances,  we recruit candidates in hidden locations one call at a time,  to find the best match for our client company.
We generally call and review 21 to 45  newly recruited candidates, to find the top 3  to 7 to join your firm.  

Our Approach

Our team consists of our Business Account Manager, and our Researchers all have prior working experience in packaging, and flexographic printing and are located in selected locations throughout the USA.  They aid the Business Account Manager to provide your firm talent, with a consultative approach carried out quietly, quickly and  efficiently. On all of our exclusive shared risk recruiting products,  we extend a guarantee on all current accounts. We guarantee  that the new employee will remain with your firm and follow your rules and Standard Operating Procedures  during the specified period of the warranty on the plan which you choose.   However, we do not and cannot guarantee the future sales or production of  any employee, hired from us,  as we do not and cannot manage and monitor the new employee on a day by day basis,  to insure  he or she follows their daily, weekly or monthly metrics and accountability plan. We will assist you to devise a simple metrics and accountability plan,  so you can manage the new employee’s progress, if you so desire.

Strategy Profile

MH Executive Search Group:

  • We conduct an in-depth dialogue so that we may clearly understand your business culture and what you trying to accomplish with this hire.
  • Identify qualifications, achievements, expectations for 1st year goals and beyond,  and outline these goals to enable us to find the right candidate.
  • Assess the challenges for the search, agree on a successful search strategy and design the position profile, as we want to be on the same page with you.
  • Determine the interview process to move each search forward to a successful close and experience using our expertise.


  • Approve your company description, culture,  goals, and expectations in a written format.
  • Approve the position profile which is in a written format, we all want to be on the same page when recruiting the market to insure a quality hire by you.
  • Inform us of any specific companies and/or candidates you would like us to pursue quietly and confidentially.

Selection and Implementation Criteria

MH Executive Search Group:

  • Identify ideal candidate profile and companies to target.
  • Create a panel of candidates to target and research.
  • Pursue the leading candidates using our exclusive  recruiting methods and practices to qualify the candidates  both qualitatively and quantitatively, which  may include Skype interviews or face to face contact, as well as phone follow-up.


  • Approve the candidate profile or resume.
  • Set face to face or phone meeting times in a first meeting to get to know the candidates to see if  both of your personalities and values blend well with each other and with your company business practices.
  • Make adjustments to acclimate to job market conditions.
  • Provide us with timely post-interview feedback and impressions


MH Executive Search Group role:

  • Provide the client company,  actual and factual market and compensation parameters.
  • When we approach the offer of employment phase,  we will work with our client company to develop a fair and equitable offer of employment for the candidate.
  • Assist with offer negotiations, providing necessary information to make a verbal and written offer.
  • MH Executive Search Group will present your offer  to the candidate for their acceptance and written signoff.
  • Counsel candidates on acceptance process and assist with transition from their current employer to your  firm.
  • Monitor the resignation process and develop a transition strategy.


  • Prepare and make the written offer materials,  so we can make the offer to the final candidate.
  • Establish a start-date for the new employee.

MH Executive Search Group role,  after the sale:

  • We contact the client company and  we contact the candidate we placed with the new employer,  within the first month,  to insure a smooth transition.
  • We repeat the process at around the end of the second month,  and finally at around the end of the warranty period,  which you as the employer chooses, when you choose the search model for us to use to  commence the assignment,  and to assess satisfaction levels with the new hire,  and that he/she is transitioning well into the operating procedures within your company.
  • Continual assessment for quality assurance for client.
  • We do not and cannot guarantee the future sales or production of  any employee, hired from us, since we cannot manage and monitor your new employee,  on a day by day basis.
  • We will assist you to devise a simple metrics and accountability plan,  so that you can manage the new employee’s progress,  if you, so desire.