Here is some general information for every candidate:


When you submit your resume to  our  firm,  in the subject line of the email browser please  put your  Name, City, State,  and key products you have experience working in and the base income you need.   If you can Relocate  please use Y or N  If Yes – Regions you would consider  NE =Northeast  MA = Mid Atlantic,  SW = Southwest,  SE = Southeast,  MW = Midwest,   MTN  =  Rocky Mountain States,  and WC = West Coast.   Please include a personal cell phone number if you have one,   and  if not a phone to reach you quickly in the body of the email. All  information is kept in a confidential  file on a confidential basis. We do not sell or redistribute your personal information.


Here is a sales example:  John Doe, Boston, MA Relo – Y, NE, SE, Printed Flexible Film, Labels Sales, $85 K + Com,  HM Cell OOO-OOO-OOOO.  Here is a Plant Manager example: Tom Doe, Raleigh, NC, Relo-N, Plant Mgmt – Specialty Papers, $95 K + Bonus, HM Cell OOO-555-1212 By following this method  above,  it allows us to find you again on our  data records QUICKLY.


Please  do not put  the words  RESUME ATTACHED  or leave the subject area blank – we  do not usually open them until we have time to run NORTON on them which is about once a month.  In general,  resume attached  resumes, often  have some viruses  attached,   so we  put them to the side and do not  look at them  except once a month when we sanitize them before opening them. If you are submitting your  resume please  add a personal email address  from yahoo, g-mail, etc. – no   company emails  please as  we are reluctant to  email you at your company.  If you are using a business cell phone – please indicate it as  such as well on your  resume, so we can be extra careful.  Home  cellphone  or landline are  always welcome  on resumes.

Please GO TO THE RESUME SUBMISSION or the contact page to send us your resume.  Or please send your resume to:   mike2010 (AT) mhgroup (dot) com   please replace the AT with @ and squeeze together when sending your resume. 

Visit our other site as well: we will  be adding new features to these sites,  so check back often.