MH Executive Search Group® Positions which we recruit: Sales and Sales Management,  Marketing and Marketing Management. Executive Level Management. and Salaried Plant Management Product areas in which we work:    

Flexible Packaging Paperboard Rigid Packaging
Packaging Film (converted/multi) Folding Carton Plastic Containers
Extrusion Lamination’s Structural Design Lidding Stock
Adhesive Lamination’s Coatings Closures
Cast Extrusion Film, Foil and Paper Injection Molding of plastic containers
Blown Extrusion Specialty Papers Bags
Unprinted Polymer Films Barrier materials Pouches, Stand up pouches
Polyethylene (LDPE,  LLDPE,  HDPE) Silicone coated papers Poly bags
Polystyrene (OPS) VCI vapor inhibitors Paper bags
Polypropylene (OPP) Pressure Sensitive Multi-wall bags
Polyester (PET, PEN) Decorative Films Packaging Equipment
Printing Styles Allied Fields Form, Fill and Seal Machinery
Flexographic Printing Metalized Film, Sputtered Film Filling Machinery
Digital Printing Holography/ Holographic Film Conveying Equipment
Wide Web Flexo Printing Hot Stamping Films Cartoning Machinery
Narrow web Flexo Printing Masking Films Palletizing Machinery
Corrugated Cartons Coated and Laminated Films Wrapping, Over-wrapping Machinery
A, B, C, E and single flutes Shrink Sleeve Labels, Neck bands, Tamper Evident Closing Machinery, Cleaning, Sterilizing Machinery
Litho Laminating, Litho Label Printed Liners Lidding Stock Labeling, Decorating & Marking Machinery
P.O.P. displays Cushioning  Packaging Fill & Seal Machinery
Thermoformed Materials EPS Inspection Machinery
Blisters, Trays Foam Stretch/Shrink Wrapping Machinery
Custom Thermoforming for medical, electronics, food  packaging applications Industrial specialties ALLIED EQUIPMENT   Extrusion converting Equipment, bag making equipment, die cut equipment, Web processing equipment.